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Steve Murray

Steve Murray is a Rock n Rock lifer who began his recording journey as a sixth-grader with a cheap guitar, a particle board amp, and 2 cassette decks—layering parts passed back and forth between the two. He blithely presumed he had invented the method and employed it to make demos for his first band at age eleven. He was rarely seen without a stack of LPs under his arm, regardless of occasion. His preoccupations with music of all kinds puzzled most of his school mates. And alarmed many adults. No matter, he thought; what does a fuzz pedal do?

Steve’s ongoing obsession for music, sound, and the recording process has not waned one whit. And his deep enthusiasm, engaging interpersonal skills, and infectious humor always make for a memorable day in any any audio scenario. 

As one-who-makes-things-manifest, Steve is unparalleled—pulling together musicians, instruments, and various session-driving resources as if conjuring through wizardry. Suddenly the perfect guitar, odd percussion piece, or delicious electronic gizmo has arrived just when needed.  

Like Sean, Steve worked for years in on-site, live-music broadcast/recording (in his case as co-host and engineer for the #1-rated River City Juke Joint live radio program for nearly 6 years). These experiences built a set of skills for working quickly and well with musicians—while keeping listeners in mind. As a result he tends to subscribe to the benefits of live takes. Though the overarching question isalways “What’s do we need to do in order to make this great? Be it the pure sound of a vintage acoustic instrument, or a frighteningly-mangled whack-a-doodle one-of-a-kind sonic goody, Steve has you covered. 

Steve Murray’s musical telepathy and insights are extraordinary. His mind is always open, always searching for new sounds and songs, and he knows how to connect the dots. In all the time I have known him, his passion has continued uninterrupted and unmitigated. I can’t imagine my life—musical or otherwise—without him.

— Will Schenk Publisher, Rolling Stone Magazine 2008–2010
I first met Stephen Murray 12 years ago when he first came aboard as one of the staff on a local radio show that I was hosting. His skills as an engineer quickly became obvious and his knowledge of music was so impressive that I soon asked him to join me as a co-host and sound engineer. Once in this new role, Steve employed his impressive background in sound engineering to improve the quality of the broadcast. His deep connections within the music scene also allowed us to expand the quantity and quality of our in-studio musical guest portion of the program. I believe that as a direct result of Steve’s increased involvement, the program quickly reached new heights and became the highest rated show on the station.
Steve’s knowledge of music instruments, equipment and recording operations is extraordinary. Steve also produced an independent CD that featured local artists – the project. entitled Firewater, was hailed by the local media as the best locally produced CD of the year and was nominated for several other awards. As a result of their being included in the Firewater project, at least two of the bands that appeared on the CD came to the attention of industry influencers and were subsequently signed to recording contracts. Most would agree that this outcome was due in large part to Steve’s ability to bring out the best of the musicians during the recording process and to his mastering skills employed on the recording production end of the project.
I have been in the radio business for several decades and have worked with a variety of talented associates. Steve’s understanding of music production, his deep knowledge and analysis of various music genres and his ambitious drive to meet, build relationships and work with local and national talent, in my opinion, makes him a unique and talented individual. I am sure he will provide enormous value to any music or audio-related endeavor of which he becomes involved.

— Brad Brenner Host of River City Juke Joint; Brenner Associates Public Relations, LLC
Photo: Mirifoto

Photo: Mirifoto

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