Music Recording and Mixing

Whether at our Portland, OR. flagship studio, Cloud City Sound, in another studio, or in your home, rehearsal space, or gig, Sean and Steve are focused on capturing your sound—and possibly adding something you never thought of before.

HoneyPie at CloudCity


The warm, comfortable vibes of the main recording room at Cloud City Sound, along with the fantastic acoustics of this large, barnwood-sided space, make it a superior place to explore and capture the music's creative heart. 
The vintage analog Trident console, the collection of specialty guitars and amplifiers, the Kawai conservatory grand piano, and a wide selection of microphones and analog outboard gear all contribute to making great-sounding music that reaches people.



Understanding what your music means, where it comes from, and why it exists is at the core of making recordings that reach and move people. Having the technical side of recording down is just the beginning. "Everything we do in the studio is to enhance the emotional heart of the music," says Sean Flora. Sean and Steve's instincts and musicality, years of experience—and above all—empathy take your recordings beyond mere documentation, to the place where you are doing greater work than what you had imagined.

Steve and Sean Facing Console CloudCity donnywrightphoto.jpeg


When you can really hear the music, the mixes come out great across a wide variety of listening environments. Whether we're mixing "in the box" or on the console, the control room at Cloud City is specially designed for accurate and balanced listening, and the Genelec and Tannoy monitors give you the detail to zero in on subtle nuances. The Trident analog console allows for out-of-the-box mixing with true analog summing, and one-of-a-kind mix performances.